Road safety in Little Walden

Councillors from 3 levels of local government joined up to discuss Highways matters affecting Little Walden in regard to speed, road design, signage and safety, this week. 

Council can control the place and pace of new developments

Your readers will no doubt have gathered from the District Councils response in your front page story last week that 3 of the Residents for Uttlesford 4 key principles they want to see incorporated in the Local plan; evidence, infrastructure provision and homes for local people and key workers, h

Major road works in Saffron Walden and Wendens Ambo

George Street/High Street, Saffron Walden is due to undergo a major repair/resurfacing commencing this week.

The delay in this matter is in part due to the additional technical challenges presented by the culvert system that runs under the road.

Why I became a young Councillor

Being appreciative of the community in Saffron Walden I stood to be a Councillor first and foremost to play my part in making the town the best it can be.

Funding in place for Slade culvert works

Saffron Walden's Essex County Councillor John Moran took up his appointment to Anglia [Central] Flood and Coastal Committee at Brampton, Cambs, last week.