Saffron Walden road works are almost complete

The much needed works to the High Street, George Street, Hill Street, etc. are almost complete.

As your County Councillor I have been pushing for these works to be completed since elected in May of this year, I was first in contact with ECC Highways the day after being sworn in. I visited the works on the evening they started and was impressed by the professionalism of the crew undertaking the works, I also had a conversation with the ECC Highways officer who was present and I hope to be able to update you in the near future as to the progress of other local works and the reasons as to why this work took the length of time it did. A major part of the role of being a County Councillor is to challenge the performance of the council in regard to the provision of services to the public, this cuts across any aspects of party politics.

I feel that in most areas ECC, under Conservative leadership, is performing very well, there have been great improvements to Educational attainments, Children's Services and Adult Social Care, to mention a few, these improvements have been noted by bodies such as Ofsted and the Care Commission, etc. Where further improvements are needed I will continue ask robust questions of Chelmsford and to work in partnership with other levels of local government. If any resident wishes to contact me please do via email