Local Elections Candidates List 2019


Conservative Candidates standing in Local Elections for Uttlesford District Council 2019.


Christian Criscione – Flitch Green and Stebbing

Since moving here, I have fallen in love with our area. I want to do my part in making it the best place to live in Essex and it is on this basis that I would ask you as my neighbours across the two villages to come out and support me in my commitment to securing, promoting and fighting for our community.



Daphne Wallace- Jarvis – Stort Valley

It is time for change in Stort Valley If elected on Thursday 2 May 2019, I will: Be available to help with problems or concerns. Work for the benefit of all who live, work or visit Manuden, Berden, Farnham and the hamlets. Keep in touch with you through regular newsletters and community magazines. Ensure your views are represented at District Council level.



David Sadler – Saffron Walden Castle


I elected I will adopt a positive approach to solving problems and not just whinge about them! Also I promise to be available to listen to your views and to assist in resolving your Uttlesford related problems. From my track record you know I will work diligently on your behalf.


Sam Goddard – Saffron Walden Castle


Having been a town Councillor for two years, being rooted in Saffron Walden it is important to me that the Town thrives. I have worked hard over the past six years to ensure we have a Town plan, - a process that allows us as a community to take more control over the future of the town.



Jennie Sutton– Stansted South and Birchanger


I am one of those people who when I take on something I do it to the very best of my ability.  I am not afraid of hard work and I believe in honesty and straight talking. Communities are very important, and I will always try to do my best for those I represent. 



Gary Davey– Stansted South and Birchanger


I’ll support both parishes to develop their own Neighbourhood Plan to protect the fabric of our local community. I’ll listen and act to ensure everyone in our ward has a voice and their needs are met. I’m committed to addressing the issue of litter and fly tipping. I’ll continue to volunteer with Stansted Mountpickers and help support other local groups to clean up our streets and verges.



Greg Smith - Newport


It is a privilege to have been selected as one of the Conservative candidates for the ward of Newport, Quendon, Rickling Green and Widdington in the forthcoming Uttlesford elections. I would pledge to be diligent, advance the best interests of our village and community and listen carefully to the views of residents. I would strive to enhance our attractions and prospects.



Tom Flack - Newport



As your Councillor I would be concerned to find acceptable solutions to certain local problems in for example White Ditch Lane, lobby for road surface improvements, address drainage issues and also pedestrian safety. I would be a diligent and attentive Councillor.


Jim Gordon - Takeley

I am a family man living in Priors Green, a retired Police Officer with a strong sense of public service and duty. I am approachable and helpful to anyone seeking assistance.  I would be most grateful for your continuing support in my role of District Councillor, in order that I can continue to tackle matters of concern to local residents.


Derek Jones- Takeley


I have lived in Takeley since 1978 and am married with 3 children and 6 grandchildren, all living locally.  Stansted Airport, as a primary local employer, supports many local households. I believe its development must be within current boundaries, in a closely controlled, sustainable, manner, subject to close scrutiny.



Josie Thompson – Stansted North


I am very keen to get people involved in countryside activities, and I would love to support local groups and businesses that promote health and wellbeing. Should I be elected, I can promise always to be receptive, listening to residents and vigorously representing the best interests of our local community. On this basis I would be very grateful for your support on 2 May.


Nick C

Nick Church – Stansted North


I have lived in the local area all my life so am deeply appreciative of the benefits offered from being a local resident. If elected I will make sure our local community is strongly represented at Uttlesford. At the same time I believe that cooperation rather than confrontation is more effective and would work, when appropriate, with our Conservative MP or County Councillors to secure results



Liam Hithersay – Elsenham


I am delighted to have been selected as a candidate for the forthcoming local elections in the ward of Elsenham and Henham and will be a hard-working Councillor for all residents.

Uttlesford Conservatives have an excellent track record of sound local administration, have a clear vision of the future and are determined to retain our District as an exceptional area in which to live and to work.



Mark Lemon – Hatfield Heath


I have lived in Hatfield Heath for 51 years and served as a District Councillor for 16 years. I have enjoyed being part of the Community, where I was Chairman of School Governors for over 20 years. Presently, Chairman of the Parish Council and always available to help people in my area.



Paul Davies – Great Dunmow North


The Conservative Administration at Uttlesford District Council has continued to deliver great value for money for every resident. By voting for me as your District Councillor in May’s Local Government Election you have my commitment that we’ll continue this success story. I will continue to always be on hand to help residents with their local issues.



John Davey – Great Dunmow North

Looking ahead I will be campaigning for upgrading of local Infrastructure. Massive improvement of the M11 is required with additional lanes and likewise the A120 from the A10 to the A11. Local population growth is placing pressure on public services and in representing you I would seek improvements to them all. Uttlesford Councillors will have a role to play in this and I would be grateful for your support.



Pravin Karan  Saffron Walden Shire


 I am not a trained politician but have a clear vision about the future of Saffron Walden and the benefits of living here for my family. I would be a diligent Councillor, listen to your views and work to adapt the town to fulfil the needs and aspirations of our Community.


Nick O

Nick Osborne – Saffron Walden Shire


Having played an active part in the business life, I am committed to maintaining the unique amenities we have in Saffron Walden and ensuring that they are developed and improved for the benefit of all who have the good fortune to live in our Town and District.



Andrew Ketteridge- Saffron Walden Shire 

With deep family roots in Saffron Walden, I am naturally conscious of our town’s history. As your Councillor my role would be to ensure all these potential benefits materialise and contribute to modernising our town whilst retaining its essential charm.



Ralph Barrington – Thaxted and The Eastons


If elected to represent you my priority will be to preserve the unique characteristics of our area and to ensure development in Thaxted accords with the Town’s Neighbourhood Plan. I am experienced in Council work having sat on a Town Council in Warwickshire and a Parish Council in Essex. If elected I would pledge to represent our local interests vigorously.




Marrie Siddans – Thaxted and The Eastons


I have been an Uttlesford District Councillor for the past six years and have a passion for social and affordable housing. My background careers have been in the property and pharmaceutical industry. I am a mother of two children and have a love of animals and the countryside.



Roy Ramm – Felsted and Stebbing


I consider it a privilege to stand to represent Felsted and Stebbing. I grew up in East London and spent much of my life policing the capital, so being able to enjoy the peace and safety of the countryside and all that the rural lifestyle offers my family is something that I don’t take for granted and will fight to protect.



Charlotte Salomon - Felsted and Stebbing


I’m delighted to be given the opportunity to stand for Felsted and Stebbing, two historic villages where I spent much of my childhood. Now, after starting my own family I want to work alongside residents to see a bright future for our upcoming generations, whilst ensuring our aging population are heard, and have better accessibility to services including transport.


Sam S

Sam Slota Newson – Saffron Walden Audley


I first got to know this area some years ago when I was in the Army and my wife and I moved locally from Cambridge almost three years ago to buy our first house. If elected I will want to continue to work with colleagues on Town and County Councils, explore how to use new technology and innovative policy to build a strong, sustainable and green future for Saffron Walden.



George Smith  – Saffron Walden Audley

Saffron Walden has always been central to my life, having been at the County High School, spending free time here and supporting Saffron Walden Rugby Club. If elected, I will work with counterparts at Essex County Council, Education and Health Authorities to ensure infrastructure is delivered and repaired, efficiently and effectively for the people of Saffron Walden.



Susan Barker – High Easter And The Rodings


Susan has lived in Essex all her life and in High Easter for 30 years. She worked in retail pharmacy for over 20 years and has been a District Council member for 20 years. Residents have a range of issues, including aircraft noise, Broadband in High Easter to traffic, particularly in High Roding and Susan will be on hand to deal with all of residents concerns.



Tina Knight – Debden and Wimbish

I will continue to fight for the retention of libraries in the district and continue my efforts for a cycle lane into Saffron Walden, having got it accepted in the overall plan for cycle routes. With a track record of getting things done, and not making empty promises. I will continue to work hard for all electors.



Vic Ranger – Great Dunmow South and Barnston


Vic has lived in the Dunmow area of Uttlesford for over 33 years. He supports local performing and visual arts groups and is a keen tennis player. Vic has been a district councillor for 8 years and a Barnston parish councillor for 10.  If re-elected Vic will continue to work hard for all residents.



Danielle Frost – Great Dunmow South and Barnston


Danielle has lived in Great Dunmow for seventeen years and been on the Town Council for four. Danielle believes  strongly in the role of the volunteer and how essential their contribution is to life. She believes she can make a difference at District, working for the issues of Dunmow South and Barnston but also for the whole of Uttlesford.. Danielle is married to Adam and has two young children.



William Burton The Sampfords


I have been Chairman of the Sampfords’ Parish Council for the past three years and I am delighted to have been selected to stand for election as the Conservative candidate for Uttlesford. I believe that the Conservatives are the only party that can keep this District the amazing area that it is to live in, and that is why I am asking you to elect me to be your representative on Uttlesford District Council.



Graham Barker – Great Dunmow South and Barnston

Graham settled in Essex after leaving the Army, moving to Dunmow twelve years ago.  Graham thinks It is great news that Dunmow library will remain open, staffed by Essex County Council. Library usage has changed over the years but we now have the opportunity to build a community hub, bringing together presently dispersed support organisations and voluntary groups. If re-elected; Graham will continue to be a hard working Councillor for all residents.



Robert Chambers – Littlebury, Chesterford and Wendons Loft


I will endeavour to help win more sports facilities , keeping local pubs going , making sure our voluntary service is appropriately funded ,ensuring our Health and Wellbeing, and, most importantly, the Council Tax as low as possible. I believe passionately in our rural villages and I will do all I can to make sure they remain beautiful.



Julie Redfern - Littlebury, Chesterford and Wendons Loft


It has been both a privilege and a pleasure to represent this ward. I have attended all the parish councils, so I am aware of the challenges and hope that I have helped where I can.

Having been both brought up and raised my own family here I know what a great place it is to both live and work. Residents can be sure of my ongoing commitment and hard work for our villages.



Edward Oliver – Clavering


Edward has served as District Councillor for 8 years.  He understands that some natural development in the villages is needed but opposes large unnecessary speculative developments. Edward was involved in the setting up of ‘Hands Off Clavering’ to oppose such development and has recently been appointed Chairman. If re-elected, Edward will continue to be on hand to help with any issues residents may have.



Keith Artus – Broad Oak and The Hallingburys


I having lived in Hatfield Broad Oak for over twenty years and successfully represented this ward including latterly Great Canfield for the last 15 years. Helping villagers with the complications of modern life, be it planning, traffic, housing or welfare is fundamental to my role and I ask you to continue to support me as your local experienced influential voice.



Lesley Wells - Broad Oak and The Hallingburys

I have represented Broad Oak, the Hallingburys and Great Canfield for 12 years.

I am committed to preserving our environment and the integrity of our villages for future generations and will work hard to maintain and defend the interests of all the people in the ward.



Howard Rolfe – Ashdon

I have been proud to represent Ashdon , Hadstock, Sewards End and Little Walden over the last 4 years. I have attended most parish council meetings and together we have made good progress in addressing residents’ concerns and the welfare of each community.

Going forward we must ensure that village services and facilities are maintained and enhanced whilst respecting the rural aspect of this beautiful part of north Essex.