Letters: The Chairman highlights R4U holding Conservatives domain to redirect traffic to their website.

Dear Sir,

Over recent weeks I have been asked several times why enquiries on line to Uttlesford Conservatives are immediately diverted to Residents for Uttlesford(R4U). The explanation is simple. The Domain of Uttlesfordconservatives.org has been purchased by Dan Starr, a prominent member of R4U. The intent is clearly to block Uttlesford Conservatives being able to promote themselves. It has to be presumed this is an official R4U decision and one can only conclude all leading members of R4U are associated with such tawdry behaviour.

We concern ourselves nowadays with Russia and other countries interfering with the democratic process. It is sad and sickening to see attempted interference at the local level of Uttlesford from one of the main participants. The deliberate move by R4U to block Uttlesford Conservatives from promoting their name and policies raises questions of ethics and morality. One can only assume that this underhand behaviour is an indication of the style of administration R4U would introduce if in control of Uttlesford. Electors may wish to consider if this is a style they would welcome.

Suffice it to say Conservatives would as a matter of principle never employ such a tactic to block R4U from peddling their wares. But that is our style. 
Yours faithfully,

Anthony Russell,


Note: Regretfully, the Walden Local declined to publish letter in full.