Cross Party Concern sees Council Plan under Review

Cross Party concern sees Council Plan under Review

A document that sets out Uttlesford District Council’s plans and priorities for the District has been called in for review after a cross party group of councillors aired their concerns about the lack of detail, targets and timelines.

The plan, known as the Corporate Plan Delivery Plan, is a document which should set out in detail the Council administration’s programme of priorities over the course of a year. Residents For Uttlesford, having taken over the administration of the Council last year, assured councillors that the document would contain detailed priorities including targets, timelines, and costings.

However, a joint group of Liberal Democrat and Conservative Councillors have stepped in to argue that the plan falls short of R4U’s commitment, leading to a formal call-in by the Council’s Scrutiny Committee.

Councillor Christian Criscione, Leader of the Conservative Group and also one of the Councillors calling for the review, added: “The assurances given by the council’s administration have clearly been forgotten or ignored and that is want we want to see reviewed. There are no targets, no timelines and a distinct lack of commitment which leads councillors to grow concerned about the direction of the Council and the strength of its leadership at a time when significant strength is needed.

“The Council had a healthy balance sheet when it changed administration last year, as well as a fully costed and detailed corporate plan. Anything less from this council leadership would be a retrograde step at the expense of taxpayer’s trust in the Council and needs to be questioned.

“Putting party politics aside, councillors from a range of political parties have consistently raised their concerns about the lack of progress and achievement since the elections last year, and we continue to wait for a corporate plan which addresses those very apparent shortcomings.”

Cllr Christian Criscione

Leader, UDC Conservative Group