Conservatives urge Progress on Stansted Airport Debacle

Following extensive local, regional and national media coverage over the last week, and increasingly
loud calls from the region’s most influential and experienced business organisations to act, the
Conservatives at Uttlesford District Council have called on the R4U administration to end the delay
over Stansted Airport’s intensification plans and issue the planning permission which was agreed in
November 2018.

With every one of the region’s chambers of commerce and the 'Visit East of England' tourism group
weighing in on the issue, it is widely believed that it is now time to end the political football being
played by the R4U administration and issue the planning permission that the Airport is due.
Councillor Chris Criscione, Deputy Leader of the Conservative Group at Uttlesford, said: “It’s just
typical that this new administration is ignoring the most influential and respected business
organisations that bring so much economic growth to the region and will undoubtedly suffer
because of R4U’s reckless promises. 
“Not only is business going to suffer, but the livelihoods of residents around Uttlesford and beyond
that rely so heavily on the Airport are also at risk. The likelihood of a legal challenge from either the
Airport or Stop Stansted Expansion is now greatly increased because of this delay and could cost the
Council Taxpayer dearly.”

In a most recent development, it has been discovered by the Dunmow Broadcast that the Council is
refusing to release the true cost of legal advice ordered by the administration.

Councillor Edward Oliver, Member for Clavering and Chairman of the Council’s Governance, Audit
and Performance Committee, said: “It’s quite remarkable for this R4U group to be hiding themselves
from public view where they’d fought an election on transparent and open local government.
“It’s time for the administration to come clean about the cost of their political game-playing and to
issue the decision that is widely recognised to be of extremely great importance to the region’s people and economy."