Strong Finances, High Quality and Low Tax Councils

Strong finances and robust financial manage ment are the essential foundations for all of our council activities.  

  1. We will remain a low-tax council, providing high-quality services.
  2. We will continue to increase our support for, and financialc ontributions to, the voluntary sector organisations that play an invaluable role in providing help and advice to so many local people.
  3. We will be relentless in our drive to ensure that council spending always represents best value for money.
  4. We will remain as efficient tomorrow in planning our council’s finances as we have been to date. Having restored council reserves we are now in a strong position to make long-term capital commitments in support of key projects and services.



John Moran - I will commit myself to attending Parish Councils if elected

In response to Anthony Russell's letter published last week regarding the lack of attendance at parish council meetings of our current county councillor, John Lodge of R4U, I strongly believe that it is a privilege to be able serve the public as a councillor, and should not  be taken on lightly,

Alexis Beeching: A clear voice is needed for Elsenham & Henham

The villages of Elsenham and Henham have been poorly represented in recent years. A clear voice is needed for you at District Council level and by way of a link to the county council in terms of development, local services and facilities and highways schools and child care.

Business Improvement District Proposed for Chelmsford

The opening of the new Bond Street shopping centre in Chelmsford has given an enormous boost to the whole city, attracting ever greater numbers of shoppers and visitors. The city’s evening economy is also fast expanding with the opening of many new restaurants and a new cinema.