Economic Development in Essex

We want to attract new businesses, facilitate start-ups and enable existing businesses to expand – to further develop the prosperity of our district. We are therefore currently conducting a business accommodation survey to determine where additional capacity is required. We are also reviewing car parking capacity throughout the District to help maintain easy access and economic prosperity. We have committed £100,000 of further investment to improve high-speed broadband access.

In Uttlesford District

Sustainable economic growth is the driving force of national government policy and Uttlesford District Council shares this commitment. This focus results in increased prosperity, jobs growth
and more opportunities for everyone.

Locally over the last four years much has been achieved by our Economic Development Team; from helping local people fulfil their dream of starting a business to enabling existing businesses gain access to finance necessary to fund their expansion.The Team’s approach includes harnessing the skills, experience and capacity of local people to make things happen both for their own benefit and for the benefit of the district.

A prime example of this is the Stansted Business Forum, run by a small number of local people, a growing membership of over 90 small businesses, helping owners to generate more sales, providing a forum to share ideas and a friendly place for anyone thinking of starting a business to come and meet other businesses.

The Economic Development Strategy 2016-18 retains the focus of the previous two strategies on facilitating sustainable growth in jobs and businesses. The strategy also recognises the important role of the Team corporately in ensuring any external funding opportunities are identified to support economic growth. 

In the City of Chelmsford

The Heart of Essex Partnership authorities comprising Brentwood Borough Council, Chelmsford City Council and Maldon District Council, commissioned Nathaniel Lichfield & Partners (NLP) and Experian to prepare an Economic Futures Study for the Heart of Essex sub-region. The Heart of Essex sub-region is one of four Essex sub-regions, which sits alongside the Thames Gateway (South Essex), Haven Gateway and West Essex. The future economic growth of Essex is being influenced through the Essex Integrated County Strategy which sets out a series of economic priorities for the county to maximise economic growth.

Economic Plan for Essex

Economic growth is our top priority – our county’s future depends upon securing sustainable growth for our businesses and communities. This will not just help our businesses and communities to prosper; it will support the public finances, allowing us to continue to support those who are entitled to expect our help.

This plan, therefore, is our commitment to do more, with support from HM Government, to stimulate economic growth in three
important ways:

  1. we will invest more on our own account, and encourage private investment in worthwhile projects that will deliver economic growth. Our ambition is to deliver £1bn of investment between now and 2021;
  2. with this investment, and by working together, public and private partners will help to deliver a major series of enabling projects described in the plan that we have identified as key to our future economic prosperity; and 
  3. we will introduce a new and more proactive approach to economic development. We will not simply deliver these projects and hope for the expected investment to follow, but will actively market our investment opportunities, encouraging new businesses and investors and seeking out development partners where appropriate.

We believe these three changes will “turn the curve” – taking us from where we are now to a step increase in our economic performance through our ability, working together, to create the conditions to foster and enable economic growth.This EPfE is based on our submission to HM Government, as part of SELEP, for funding from the Single Local Growth Fund from 2015-16 onwards. It is intended to supplement the information submitted through SELEP and provide a clear focus on our ambitions for Essex and those of our partners in SELEP.


Conservative Uttlesford Economic Development Strategy 2016-18

Sustainable economic growth is the driving force of national government policy and Uttlesford District Council shares this commitment. This focus results in increased prosperity, jobs growth and more opportunities for everyone.Locally over the last four years much has been achieved by our Economic Development Team; from helping local people fulfil their dream of starting a business to enabling existing businesses gain access to finance necessary to fund their expansion. 

Conservative Essex provides funding opportunities for businesses, charities, clubs and community groups

Cllr John Spence, Cabinet Member for Finance at Essex County Council said: “Many organisations look at funding, but are turned off by the complexity of applying for these pots of money, or fail at the first hurdle not understanding the options available to them.“That is exactly why we have a team of specialists who are able to assist you, not only in better understanding what is available both in the UK and Europe, but also how you can develop a funding strategy, looking at your organisation’s plans now and for the future.“Importantly the team also work directly with the funders themselves which help us to influence their funding programmes and gives us information on what they are looking for in a bid.”

Conservatives support Broadband in Essex

Essex County Councillor Kevin Bentley, Deputy Leader and Cabinet Member for Economic Growth and Waste & Recycling, said: “The combined support for this event by both network operators and businesses using the technology speaks for itself.Essex is a great place to do business, and with the ongoing rollout of superfast broadband it is becoming better equipped to help the local economy to thrive. This is an event small and medium enterprises in and around Essex will not want to miss.”

Constituency EU Debate Result: Remain 32.2% Leave 53.3%

Members and supporters of the Conservative Party in the Saffron Walden Constituency gathered at a meeting in Great Dunmow last Friday to hear a debate between Sir Alan Haselhurst MP who was arguing the case to remain and David Campbell-Bannerman MEP who was arguing the case to leave. 

Conservative Leader of Essex: "Business rate reforms must aid business"

Essex County Council leader David Finch has called on Government to give local councils additional flexibility in setting business rates. Rates are currently collected by the local council, but in the Government’s Autumn Statement in November it was announced that from 2020 Council’s would be able to keep the revenue gained. Speaking at a Government inquiry into future reforms of business rates on Monday, Cllr David Finch said: “We welcome these devolved powers as we believe decisions should be made at the most local level, but we need to ensure that local government has a strong voice in helping shape what the reformed system looks like.

Conservative Essex to ensure basic online access to all residents

Essex County Councillor Kevin Bentley, Deputy Leader and Cabinet Member for Economic Growth , said: “We’re doing as much as we can to increase access to superfast broadband in Essex but we also recognise that we need to ensure basic online access is available to all residents. This satellite scheme is not a replacement for fibre but will hopefully help to improve internet access for those with no or low connectivity in the meantime.”

Conservative Essex reaffirms its commitment to supporting small businesses across the county

The Council has a history of supporting local businesses, spending £389m with local companies of all sizes in 2014/15. Cllr Louis said: “We are committed to and have a proud history of supporting businesses of all sizes across the county. I am delighted the Council has signed up to the FSB’s charter as it underlines our determination to our on-going support for small businesses.”

Conservatives - Supporting Local Business in Uttlesford & Chelmsford

Conservatives in Uttlesford District, and the City of Chelmsford are working hard to promote economic development. In Uttlesford Conservatives are supporting local business by encouraging residents to support backing Small Business Saturday UK on 5 December. The initiative promotes small businesses by encouraging people to shop local in the build-up to Christmas. In Chelmsford the City Council is supporting the new broadband initiative from the Conservative Government. The initiative, which has now allocated all of the £40m available funding since April 2015, gave businesses the chance to apply for grants of up to £3,000 each to cover the costs of installing faster and better broadband. Hugely successful, the scheme has helped a variety of businesses, including architects, estate agents, mechanics, events coordinators, cafes, graphic designers and caterers.