Simon Howell (The Sampford's)

I live at Monks Corner in Great Sampford. I am delighted to be your Conservative Councillor for Uttlesford. For the last six years I have been a District Councillor. I am proud of the hard work that has been done to restore Uttlesford District Council to financial health and clear up the mess we inherited. Under Conservative control Uttlesford has gone from being the sixth worst council in the country to being in the top six.

I welcome the decision to freeze Council Tax this year. A value for money council is always my top priority. At a time when household budgets are under great pressure, I will work to ensure that Uttlesford District Council delivers best service for local residents at a reasonable price.

As deputy chairman of the Environment Committee, I am proud that Uttlesford is one of the top 10 best performing councils in the country for recycling. We recycle and compost nearly 55% of our waste, compared to 25% under the old system. The annual cost per household is now greatly reduced to less than £45 as a result of efficiencies which we have introduced.

As a member of Uttlesford’s Community & Housing Committee I have actively supported the Council’s excellent track-record of investment in Council-owned housing. I have also been a strong voice on the many local issues that blight lives: such as getting action on a long derelict house, or ensuring that an all night light shining into someone’s bedroom was at last turned off.

One of my main concerns is that roads are properly maintained and we slow traffic through our villages.

I am married and live with my wife, two grown-up daughters and an elderly (and rather bad-tempered) terrier. Before moving to Sampford, I was a member of Saffron Walden Town Council for eight years and I was privileged to serve as Mayor of Saffron Walden in 2000.

I will be a hardworking, independent minded councillor, committed to serving my community. Walking the footpaths between our villages makes me determined to do all I can to protect the rural character of this wonderful corner of Essex and I will fight to preserve our local amenities.



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